Concerns about FEMA building use

Published 10:10 am Thursday, January 14, 2016

In regards to the multi million dollar FEMA building, I would like to respectfully take exception to several comments made by Mr. Clifford Galey and echoed by our city leaders.

As per Mr. Galey, “this building was constructed using federal funds and thereby we are restricted in its use and which can only be opened under a directive of the Federal government, the President, or the Governor of Mississippi and only during evacuation of areas due to disaster declarations.”

Here is my problem, Mr. Galey and city leaders, there is no such thing as federal dollars, state dollars or local dollars. Every dollar spent on that building was a dollar collected by government from tax payers who earned those federal dollars and paid them only under duress.

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Also, if it requires an Emergency Declaration by the Federal Government, how is it possible to open those same doors for private parties or rentals for activities not weather related? Many people, as well as myself, live in a rural Lincoln County mobile home and are warned to seek substantial shelter when a impending storm threatens. OK, there is such a shelter currently only used for parties and such. But, I can not use it to protect my family?


Ollie Akmenkalns

Brookhaven resident