Wesson puts finishing touches on park

Published 10:30 am Friday, February 5, 2016

The new park in downtown Wesson is nearing completion of Phase 1, according to Brad Turner of BW Turner Construction.

“You’ve got a continuous walking trail — a concrete sidewalk basically,” Turner said at the Wesson Board of Aldermen meeting Tuesday. “We’ve got a 30-by-50 pavilion. We’ve got a small playground and a swing set. By the end of next week all that can be ready. We started last week and we’ll have it complete by then. Now there’s another phase with different things, but the first phase is going to be — with the exception of this roof. We don’t know what roof we’re going to have. The pavilion’s up. It’s built, it’s framed, it’s painted. We’re just waiting on some metals.”

The board was unable to decide what color roof to order. One concern was that the roof would fade into a different color than the one chosen. Mayor Alton Shaw suggested that the aldermen drive by the park and choose a color by Friday.

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In other business at Tuesday’s meeting:

• The town received a request to close some unused streets around Common Street: Law Street, Wooden Street and one unnamed. Shaw said closing a street would mean the town retains ownership, while abandoning the street would mean ownership would be split between the adjacent landowners. To close the streets, surrounding landowners would have to be contacted. The decision was put on hold until more information could be collected.

• The aldermen received a plan for travel reimbursement. Shaw asked the aldermen to look over it and suggest any changes to be voted on in the next meeting.

• Shaw reminded the board that if a resident damages county property and the county fixes it, then the resident has to reimburse the county.

• City Attorney Jeff Varas wanted to reflect in the minutes that he was working on a policy to make sure that the police and municipal courts in Wesson were following federal bond rules correctly, in response to litigation that has hit other municipalities.

• Shaw said that the resident who spoke at the last meeting about her trash bin being improperly seized has received payment.