Librarian hopes to improve library technology

Published 9:54 am Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Photo by Alex Jacks / Katrina Castilaw brings a background in computer science to the Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library System.

Photo by Alex Jacks / Katrina Castilaw brings a background in computer science to the Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library System.

The Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library System has a new assistant director. New librarian Katrina Castilaw joined the staff in November, and she hopes to improve the technology systems in the library.

Castilaw comes to Brookhaven from the Copiah-Jefferson library system. She said she jumped at the chance to move to the Lincoln County library when she heard of the opening because of the community.

“Brookhaven is known to have a quality library system that is recognized across the state, and it was an opportunity to work with a set of professionals that are dedicated to serving their community,” Castilaw said.

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Castilaw began her studies at Copiah-Lincoln Community College. She studied computer science at Mississippi College and received her library sciences degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Castilaw said she does not have the typical background of an everyday librarian.

“I have a computer science background, instead of a literary background, so I speak with a lot of young people that are going into careers that there is an outlet for that in the library field,” Castilaw said.

The day-to-day activities of a librarian do not always involve books, Castilaw said.

“In addition to the normal things that people would associate, like the book ordering and processing and stuff, I oversee the computer operations and make sure the public is not running into problems with that setup,” Castilaw said. “I get feedback from the public about what they need and what the library may or may not be helping them with that we could advance for the community. I just really work with all the different organizations in the community to partner with them to help everybody meet their goals so that the community thrives.”

Castilaw said she would like to improve the productivity of the library system in Lincoln County, in order to provide the community with the most it can get for its money.

“I’d like to build efficiency into the system so that the money is being well invested so the community is getting the most it can for what it’s investing,” Castilaw said. “Then I would also like to help the community with the gap that everyone is experiencing on the technology side. We need to keep looking out for those that are new to technology, but at the same time advance the technology for those that are already comfortable with it and need to move forward.”

Although Castilaw said she would like to improve the technology side of the library, she also wants to share her love of books with the community. Her favorite book, besides the Bible, is “Walden” by Thoreau.

Castilaw said she is excited about her future with the Lincoln County Library and hopes to give back to the community.

“The staff here has a very strong work ethic and commitment to the community,” Castilaw. “It’s a pleasure to work with people in a community that is dedicated to helping each other and helping the community stay in a good position for the future.”