City accepts bid for Brignall water lines

Published 10:21 am Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Brookhaven finalized the purchase of the Brignall Water System last year, and since then city personnel have been working to remove old lines and connect new ones throughout the city.

Brookhaven Water and Sewer Superintendent Keith Lewis asked the Board of Aldermen Tuesday to approve the lowest bid for water connection services on Dixie Road, Madison Street and Howard Road.

“What we’re doing is tying in all of our new services to our new lines,” Lewis said. “I’m really trying to get three streets approved because if I can get those three streets down, we can kill out a lot of the old water lines. It used to be a 1-inch line, then they upgraded to a 2-inch line and then they upgraded to a 6-inch line and never killed nothing out. So, we’re in the process of killing the ones that are not needed. It’s no telling what our pressure will be once we get it all killed out.”

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“The city has actually got a new water line all through Brignall,” Lewis said. “What I’m doing on all these bids is, they’re taking their service lines off the old lines and we’re putting on our new lines. Once I get that done, then I can kill out all the old lines. A lot of people in Brignall do not have their meter in front of their house. It’s down the road. We’re getting it to where everybody’s meter is in front of their house.”

The board approved Greenbriar’s bid to connect the water lines and meters for all three roads. It will cost $19,300 for Dixie Road, $20,900 for Madison Street and $21,300 for Howard Road.

“When we funded the purchase of Brignall Water System, we allowed ‘X’ number of dollars to do what you’re doing,” Ward 6 Aldermen David Phillips said.

The board voted to approve the sales agreement for the Brignall Sewer District last month.

The sewer district is part two of the transfer. Since annexation, the Brignall community is now within city limits making it more sensible for its water and sewer to be handled by the city. The city will pay approximately $37,374.80 for the sewer system.

In the past, whenever the Brignall Water System and Brignall Sewer System has had a problem, officials from the community would have to contact repairing entities on their own. With the purchase of the systems, the city will now be able to take care of all repairs, problems or concerns regarding water and sewer.

In other board business:

• Police Chief Bobby Bell reported that the police department conducted a survey on street lights throughout the city and more than 60 of the lights were out.

• The board approved a permit for “The Quarter” to serve beer for consumption on premises, located at 625 N. Second St., owned by Robert Tyler.

• The board approved Constable Kelly Porter’s request for time off to attend the Canine Tracking Class and Canine Universal in San Antonio, Texas, from April 18 to 30, in order to train with Lincoln County’s new tracking dog.

• The board approved for firefighters Jeff Ainsworth, Jonathan Gennaro and Lance Lewis to attend the Rope Rescue I class at the State Fire Academy in Pearl from April 18 to 21.