Police, sheriff’s reports

Published 11:26 am Thursday, December 15, 2016

Police reports

The Brookhaven Police Department’s reports for Tuesday were as follows:

• Unlock at W.L. Behan Road

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• Traffic stop at Brookway Boulevard

• Racing at Old Wesson Road

• Alarm at Brookway Boulevard

• Loud music at East Monticello Street

• Alarm at North Railroad Avenue

• Suspicious vehicle at South Magee Drive

• Suspicious vehicle at Bryant Street

• Alarm at Urban Lane

• Traffic accident at North First Street

• Vehicle burglary at West Chippeway Street

• Threats at Hwy. 51 South

• Animal control at County Farm Lane

• Unlock at South Railroad Street

• Traffic accident at Hartman Street

• Public assist at Brookway Boulevard

• Residential burgarly at Swalm Avenue

• Vehicle road hazard at Natchez Avenue

• Residential burglary at East Congress Street

• Alarm at Choctaw Street

• Missing property at Robertson Street

• Public assist at Stones Throw Lane

• Traffic accident at Big Lane Drive

• Animal control at Brignall Road

• Disturbance at Old Wesson Road

• Traffic stop at Stribling Drive

• Open door at Hwy. 51 North

• Pothole at Natchez Drive

• Traffic stop at South Second Street

• Stolen gun at South Second Street

• Disturbance at South Second Street

• Disturbance at South Whitworth Avenue

• Suspicious activity at East Chippewa Street

• Public assist at Brookway Boulevard

• Vehicle accident at South Whitworth Extension

• Traffic stop at East Chickasaw Street

Sheriff reports

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reports for Monday were as follows:

• Intoxicated driver at Old Red Star Drive

• Harassment by phone at Ty Lane

• Lost or stolen tag at Monticello Street

• Lost or stolen tag at Monticello Street

• Transport from Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to Region 8

• Livestock on road at Summit Drive

• Burglar alarm at Maura Lane

• Transport from LCSO to Region 8

• Direct traffic at Hwy. 550 and Sagewood

• Traffic accident at Randolph Lane

• Suspicious vehicle at Wallace Drive

• Disturbance at Bales Lane

• Livestock on road at Jackson Liberty Road

• Repo at Shelby Lane