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Star student earns a 32 on ACT

After 10 years of leading Bible drills, one West Lincoln Senior knows God is with her.

Abbey Grace Stogner received a 32 ACT score in 11th grade. The score remained the highest out of her senior class, but God didn’t stop there.

During winter break, she was accepted into Mississippi State University’s Honors College and she is also the recipient of the James Worth Bagley College of Engineering Excellence $10,000 scholarship.

“My God is amazing,” Stogner said. “Everything I’ve done he’s helped me to increase it and get scholarships.”

Stogner realizes that God has made her a leader.

The senior class president is also the head of three more school organizations — student council, academic team and senior Beta — along with being a member of Mississippi Scholars, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, ACT 25 Plus Club and SAT honor club.

Her teachers voted her most likely to succeed, and her star teacher Leann McEwen couldn’t agree more.

“I taught Abbey Grace reading/language arts in the sixth grade.  I then moved to high school, and her class was my first high school English class.  I taught her English I her 10th grade year,” McEwen said. “Abbey Grace was a wonderful student.  She was diligent and dedicated.  She gave 110 percent in all that was asked of her.  She also has tremendous character and was always willing to help others without being asked.”

Stogner will be going to Mississippi State University as a chemical engineering major. She wants to be a teacher one day, like McEwen.

“I wanted to be a high school chemistry teacher at first and I was going to major in chemistry, and then I found out that you can still become a teacher with a chemical engineering degree if you want to and you have more options,” Stogner said.

McEwen believes that regardless of what option Stogner chooses, it’ll be a great choice.

“I expect Abbey Grace to achieve all of her goals and dreams.  She is such a dedicated and motivated student,” McEwen said. “I expect her to be very successful in all her endeavors. Though not a Mississippi State fan, I will yell ‘Hail State’ for her.”

Abbey Stogner

Leann McEwen