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Local elections have most impact

Municipal primary elections are fast approaching, and Brookhaven’s government will look significantly different following the May 2 races. Three alderman races will be decided in the primary.

Municipal elections may not be the most exciting, but they are important. Think about the variety of issues that local government officials vote on or have power over: taxes, garbage collection, budgets, dilapidated properties, crime. The list goes on and on.

While state and national elections tend to get the most attention, it’s the outcomes of local elections that directly impact you the most. And every vote counts. Most alderman races will attract a few hundred voters at most, making each vote that much more important.

Below are the candidates running for offices in Brookhaven this year. We encourage all eligible voters to cast a ballot.

Ward 1 alderman

Dorsey Cameron — Democrat

Elisa Corley Jr. — Democrat

Ward 2 alderman

Vernastine Byrd — Democrat

Danny “Blackfoot” Chatman — Democrat

Shannon Moore — Democrat

Ward 3 alderman

David Holloway — Democrat

Mary H. Wilson (INC) — Democrat

LaMareo “Big Moe” Brown — independent

Ward 4 alderman

Jason Snider — Republican

Rusty Yates — Republican

Ward 5 alderman

Fletcher Grice (INC)

Ward 6 alderman

Gene Buckles — Republican

Andre’ D. Spiller — Democrat

David McCoy — Democrat

Shelley M. Harrigill — independent

Harold Rowe — independent


Troy Douglas — Republican

Karen Sullivan (INC) — Republican

Marilyn Dow—Harris — Democrat


Joe Cox (INC) — Republican

John Roberts Jr. — Republican

David D. “SWAC” Smith — Democrat

Police Chief

Randy Belcher — Democrat

Bobby Bell (INC) — Democrat

Kenneth Collins — Democrat

Jason Gaskin — Republican