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A mom’s worst nightmare

The phones started buzzing early Thursday morning. An Amber Alert had been issued for a child who was inside a car when it was stolen in Jackson.

Most of us likely grumbled at being woken by the alert tones that blared from cellphones. Most of us likely said a prayer for the child and the family and went back to sleep.

No one would have guessed that child, Kingston Frazier, would be found dead just a few hours later.

Multiple media outlets reported that Frazier, 6, died from a gunshot wound Thursday morning.

None of us can possibly imagine what this child’s family must be going through. The horror of having a child kidnapped in a stolen car and then being told he had been killed is more than most people could endure.

What kind of person shoots an innocent child? What kind of evil turns a car theft into the murder of a child?

There’s no point in criticizing the mother who left the child in the car. His death is not her fault. Fault lies solely with the person(s) who drove off in the stolen car and pulled the trigger.

A family member says the mom drove to Kroger to get medicine and the young child asked to stay in the car. We’ve all been there.

This is a tragedy that’s hard to comprehend, but it reminds us of the evil that exists among us.

Say a prayer for this family when you hug your children or grandchildren tonight.