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Is apology enough for lynching comment?

Should posting something offensive on Facebook disqualify someone from holding political office?

According to a lot of folks who read Rep. Karl Oliver’s recent post, that answer is yes.

Black lawmakers in Mississippi are demanding the resignation of Oliver, who wrote that Louisiana leaders should be lynched for removing Confederate monuments, The Associated Press reported.

“Rep. Oliver’s apology for using the word ‘lynching’ does not mitigate the sentiment behind the statement and his presence will continue to be a sore spot on the work of the Mississippi Legislature,” said Democratic Rep. Sonya Williams- Barnes, chairwoman of the Black Caucus.

His words are about as offensive as they come, especially here in Mississippi.

His words would be inappropriate for anyone to write or say, but considering he represents a district where one of the country’s most horrific lynchings took place, they are especially disturbing.

Some will push back against the calls for his resignation with the usual complaints about people being overly sensitive or too worried about political correctness. 

But his words were beyond the pale. In this case, apologizing may not be enough.