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Business plans for unique presence: Printed Cotton Co. will open in July in downtown Brookhaven

For one Brookhaven entrepreneur, creating a business from scratch is a breeze.

Lisa Breazeale is going even one step further. She’s starting it from cotton.

The Printed Cotton Co. will open in July at 1923 West Monticello St. The building is next to the former Phillips Military store.

“I want to bring a unique screen printing company to Brookhaven,” Breazeale said. “I want to do something different.”

Custom line T-shirts and apparel will be a main focus for Printed Cotton Co. They will also do screen printing for the general public.

“We are working on our first line of apparel now,” she said. “We will have it out in the fall and our second line will come out in the spring. Once we get our second line out, we would like to go to a wholesale market with our line of T-shirts and apparel.”

She owned Zeal on Brookway Boulevard for about three years.

“When I sold it to someone else, I really started thinking about the screen printing idea. My parents years ago had a printing company and it was something I really wanted to do.”

For the next few years, Breazeale researched different ideas. She attended a conference on the technique in Seattle to get ideas for her business. She’s heading to New Orleans soon for another one.

She’s working on a custom design for Brookhaven Little Theatre’s 50th anniversary.

She knew she wanted to locate her business in the thriving downtown area, and when she talked to the building’s owner, Johnny Lynch, she thought it would be a great place for what she had in mind.

“We went over there and took a look at it and I immediately loved it. I’m very excited about it,” said Breazeale.

When the remodeling work is complete, the building will have a  French Quarter-type of feel, she said.

The front part of the building will be an open air courtyard, then a gift shop up front, with the equipment in the back.

Breazeale is happy to have found another outlet for her creative flair.

“I love being able to market and create different things,” she said. “I’m very excited about it.”