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Know your neighbor — Maria Fernanda Lins

From Brazil to Mississippi, Maria Fernanda Lins has had quite the journey to Brookhaven.

“I was born and raised in Recife, Brazil,” Lins said. “I came to the United States in 2013. I lived here for a year and then went back to Brazil for six months. I moved to Destin, Florida in 2015 and then finally moved back to Brookhaven two months ago.”

Lins, 22, works at First Baptist Church in the Wee Care department. She is known as Ms. Fern and helps babysit and take care of the kids.

She currently attends Southway Baptist Church and helps with children’s church.

Lins said one thing she can’t live without is her phone. She also said that Netflix and the TLC channel are her favorite things to watch on television.

Her favorite family tradition is barbecuing in Brazil. Although her favorite food is cheesecake. “I love everything my granny cooks, but I have to have cheesecake,” Lins said.

Lins said she would love to be able to fly because she could go anywhere. She said her best quality is getting along with everyone.

“I love Mississippi and being here in America,” Lins said.

Photo by Matt Rushing/Maria Fernanda Lins