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Know your neighbor: Eden Beiser

She loves old movies and alien shows.

Her name is Eden Beiser and she’s a bartender at Magnolia Blues.

Beiser, 26, has lived in Brookhaven for 15 years, but is originally from Orlando, Florida. She has one daughter named Analeigh, who is 2 years old.

While at work, she enjoys seeing people laugh and have fun. Outside of work, she has several activities she enjoys.

“I like to paint and blog,” Beiser said. “I love trivia and ‘Ancient Aliens’, a TV show on the History Channel.”

Her favorite food is guacamole, which she makes herself.

When Beiser was pregnant, she had a kidney stone that was about as a large as a golf ball. It was so big, doctors had to take out her kidney to remove it.

Her family gets together once a week to watch classic movies and drink wine. Her favorite wine is pinot noir.

She loves music and can’t live without Spotify.

Beiser’s amiability is her best quality. She gets along with everyone and is a drama free type of person.

“If I had a superpower, it would definitely be telekinesis,” she said. “The ability to move things and read people’s minds, like Xavier on X-Men. It seems like it would be a useful superpower.”