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Street sign vandalism could kill someone

We realize most criminals probably are not avid readers of this opinion page. But in case some are, here is some advice: stop stealing signs.

Lincoln County supervisors are again complaining about stolen and damaged signs throughout the county.

The cost for sign replacement throughout the county is at least $1,000 a month, said District 3 Supervisor Nolan Williamson.

Though that sounds like a drop in the bucket, it is real money that could be used in other ways — like patching potholes or paying a litter crew or planting trees or just about anything else.

Williamson said the vandalism to street signs and traffic signs is not in one isolated area. It’s happening all over the county in all five districts. Most of it, however, is around the West Lincoln community. Enterprise is having problems, he said, and so is the Loyd Star area.

Do teens think knocking down a street sign is fun? You bet. Do people think it is fun to hang a stop sign or street sign at their house? Some do. Do some people think it is fun to shoot a street sign until it is no longer readable? Of course.

But here’s what is not fun: An ambulance driver in the rural part of the county desperately searching for a dying patient and wasting precious seconds or minutes getting lost because a street sign is missing. Signs are crucial for getting emergency services to people in need, especially at night.

We’re not trying to be party-poopers but this is ridiculous and it has to stop.

Supervisors have asked residents to report people they see vandalizing signs. We encourage the same. If you see someone taking a sign, or painting a sign, or in any way damaging a sign, report them to authorities. Write down the tag number and call it in.