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We hope President Trump’s Mississippi visit will be educational

President Donald Trump will help open Mississippi’s two new museums Saturday, including one dedicated to civil rights.

He has not been welcomed by all. Activists are threatening to boycott or protest Trump’s participation, according to The Associated Press.

Trump has been criticized for tweets and comments that are racially charged, leading some to question whether inviting the president to the opening of the museums is appropriate.

The Mississippi NAACP president has asked Gov. Phil Bryant to rescind the invitation, with state chapter president Charles Hampton saying “an invitation to a president that has aimed to divide this nation is not becoming of this historic moment.”

It’s understandable that some would view Trump’s visit negatively, but there is a positive here regardless of your views on the matter. With Trump’s visit, the two museums in Jackson will garner national attention that otherwise would be missing. It’s an opportunity for the state to showcase two of the finest museums in the nation.

Love him or hate him — he is the president. And the significance of having a president visit Mississippi should not be overlooked. It does not happen that often.

Trump should be welcomed to the museums, and those wishing to protest his presence should be as well. The purpose of the museums is to educate everyone — white, black, rich, poor, president and protestor alike.

“We are telling a much longer story in the Museum of Mississippi History, a much deeper story in the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum,” said Katie Blount, director of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. “We want everybody to walk in one door, side by side, to learn all of our state’s stories.”

Hopefully Trump will do more than help open the museums. Hopefully he will learn a thing or two.