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Share the warmth, check on neighbors

Friday’s winter storm may have set a record for one-day snowfall in Brookhaven, but no one really knows. At least no one at the National Weather Service in Jackson.

While they had records for Meadville and Crystal Springs, they had nothing for our city. The weather service recorded snowfall accumulations ranging from 4-6 inches in Lincoln County, but we saw photos of rulers in snow showing more than that.

Several cities in the state saw record-breaking snowfall. Columbia, with 6 inches, recorded the most-ever snow in one day according to the National Weather Service, and Meridian recorded its third-heaviest snowfall.

Crystal Springs was not one of the cities setting records. It’s heaviest single-day total was 11 inches back in 1904. Natchez’s record was 9.5 inches, set in 1940.  Jackson saw more than 11 inches in 1904, so if we had to guess, we’d say Friday’s snowfall in Brookhaven would come up short on the all-time list. Meadville’s records only go back to 1918 so the 1904 storm isn’t reflected in its snowfall records.

Whether a record was broken or not doesn’t matter much, but it would be nice to know. What is of more importance are the power outages caused by the rare storm.

Late Friday, more than 4,000 customers were without electricity. That’s a lot of people who potentially had no heat on a night when temperatures dropped down into the 20s.

If you know of someone without electricity or heat, check on them and make sure they are OK. The elderly, poor and sick are especially vulnerable to the effects of a winter storm.