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Co-Lin starts the hunt for a new college president

The next president of Copiah-Lincoln Community College will be someone already on staff. Who that will be remains a mystery to even the people who will make that hiring decision.

Ronnie Nettles plans to retire in June, so the college’s Board of Trustees must choose a new president.

The executive board committee announced at a Dec. 7 meeting that it will limit the search to the school’s current faculty. That means only existing employees are eligible for consideration for the position.

The session’s main topic of discussion was whether the board should approve a recommendation set forth by the Executive Board Committee on how to approach the selection of a new school president.

This proposal elicited a volley of questions from board members, with several trustees asking whether promoting from within was a wise decision.

One member wondered if the school might fall prey to lawsuits from ineligible applicants, and another speculated that the most qualified candidate for the job might not presently work for the college.

After some analysis and development of the idea, discussion and contemplation, the board passed the executive committee’s recommendation by a razor-thin margin—with nine ayes and eight nays tallied.

A new committee was selected by board Chairman Eugene Bates to review incoming applications. According to Vice Chairman Roy Winkworth, they should assemble no later than February.

Meanwhile, it was announced that Amanda Hood has agreed to become the new director of eLearning at Co-Lin’s Wesson campus. She previously served as a mathematics instructor at the school’s Natchez campus.

The board also approved the installment of Shirley Riggs as the new adult education instructor at Co-Lin’s Natchez campus. It was also clarified that all new employees start work Jan. 2.

Lastly, the board elected to terminate the college’s medical agreement with Dr. Kyle Bateman, opting instead to consider a potentially more lucrative contract with KDMC.

It was ultimately decided that KDMC’s resources are better equipped to meet the medical needs of Co-Lin’s student body.

The board resolved to suspend its Jan. 4 meeting.

Story by Trapper Kinchen