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Lincoln County superintendent’s election plan makes sense

Lincoln County School District Superintendent Mickey Myers’ plan to get school board elections back on track is a good one.

It fixes the problem without relying on appointing board members for the next several years. This is important because the school board will appoint a superintendent to begin serving in 2020.

Myers is recommending that the seats held by District 1 member Kay Coon, District 2 member Johnny Hart and District 5 member Joanna Posey be chosen by popular vote. Districts 1 and 2 will be six-year terms. District 5 will serve an unexpired term. The next election for a six-year term for District 5 will be in 2022. Districts 3 and 4 will see elections in 2020.

That plan puts the board back on the state’s election cycle.

The Attorney General’s Office still has to sign off on the plan, but the board’s attorney doesn’t expect any opposition to the idea.

Jim Keith, the attorney, had proposed appointing board members to fill vacancies until what he deemed as the correct election date occurred. The obvious flaw in that plan was relying on appointments to get the elections back on track. Under that plan, a majority of the board would be appointed, not elected, when the decision is made on appointing a superintendent.

We are thankful that Myers has come up with a plan that seems to make the best of a bad situation. It’s the only idea we have heard that doesn’t leave voters without representation.