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Jerry Wilson is new Lincoln County Board of Supervisors president

Rev. Jerry Wilson will serve as president of the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors for 2018 after the board broke with tradition and approved his motion to appoint himself.

The board opened its first meeting of the year awkwardly by seconding and approving Wilson’s motion and then changing its terms mid-vote as supervisors talked it out. The original motion to appoint Wilson, the District 1 supervisor, for a two-year term was amended on the fly to one year and passed on a 4-0 vote, with District 5 Supervisor Doug Falvey abstaining.

“We are all given an opportunity to do what we can, to work with the board and see how we can work with all of Brookhaven and Lincoln County to become a mighty force in our community,” Wilson said. “It’s all about getting things done and representing the people, our bosses.”

The board had been rotating the presidency around equally on a two-year understanding, though supervisors reaffirm the choice each January.

Wilson beat his colleagues to the punch and offered his motion as soon as Chancery Clerk Tillmon Bishop called for the appointment of officers.

“There’s no such thing as cutting in line. We’ll just leave it at that,” Wilson said. “It could have died for lack of a second.”

Supervisors seemed to be opposed to Wilson’s motion, but instead of voting against his presidency they offered amending ideas and terms by which they would support it.

District 3 Supervisor Nolan Earl Williamson suggested Wilson’s motion be knocked down to a one-year term.

“Used to, it always was one year. Several years ago we changed it to two years so that everyone who wanted it could serve,” he said. “I don’t want it. It needs to go back to one year.”

District 4 Supervisor Eddie Brown agreed, adding the board voted to approve outgoing President Bobby Watts’ presidency twice.

Wilson agreed to the downscaling of his motion and took his seat at the head of the board. Brown was unanimously voted as board vice president.

Falvey said he abstained from the vote because he didn’t feel Wilson was the right supervisor to be president.

“It’s just my gut feeling. Nothing personally against the Reverend,” he said. “But the board voted that way and I respect that.”

Supervisors reapproved all existing county officers and agents under their purview on unanimous votes.

Board attorney Bob Allen will continue to serve as the supervisors’ legal counsel, though there was a humorous moment when Brown clasped the lawyer’s shoulder and asked about hiring his son.

“What about Will (Allen)?” Brown said to laughter.

David Fields will continue as county administrator, and Dungan Engineering Principal Ryan Holmes will continue as county engineer.

A host of currently serving clerks, deputies and other officers in various county departments was also reapproved.

Jerry Wilson