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Laney’s Bar and Grill opens at Brookhaven Country Club — Porches makes way for new restaurant

The New Year brought a big change to the Brookhaven Country Club.

As of Jan. 1, Porches of Brookhaven has closed its doors and club owners are already making way for something new.

Laney’s Bar and Grill — a down-to-earth, pub-style restaurant — will occupy the same dining room Porches called home for the past year. Ronnie Ross, who spoke on behalf of the country club, said the change is bittersweet, but he looks forward to helping Laney’s make its mark on Brookhaven’s food scene.

The country club and Chris McSweyn, the chef/owner of Porches, parted ways amicably. McSweyn said he wants to spend 2018 focusing on his flagship restaurant, Porches of Wesson.

“Right now, it’s just time for me to get back up there,” he said.

McSweyn said the Wesson restaurant demands much of his time, and — although the year he spent working in Lincoln County was exciting — he can’t wait to get back to his roots.

“Porches of Brookhaven was a joy,” he said. “It was fun, and I thank everyone in Brookhaven who supported us.”

Ross said McSweyn will be missed at the country club, but he believes Laney’s will serve as a fine replacement for Porches.

“We appreciate everything Chris did,” he said. “But I think the new menu and atmosphere will sync up a little better with our golfing members. We always want our clientele to be happy.”

Laney’s Bar and Grill is a joint effort between Brookhaven Country Club and Clancy Hewitt, and, like Porches of Brookhaven, the restaurant will be open to the public.

Ross said customers should expect a lively, sports tavern atmosphere with plenty of good food, and he anticipates the restaurant’s revamped bar to be one of its biggest draws.

“We are extremely excited,” Ross said. “We’re sad Porches isn’t going to be able to stay here, but it’s always fun to get something fresh and new.”

As a way of introducing itself to Lincoln County, Laney’s will host a lunchtime buffet Sunday. The restaurant — which has several large televisions on display in its dining room — will also hold a college football championship bash Monday evening.

For more information on any of Laney’s upcoming events, or to confirm its hours of operation, call the restaurant at 601-833-7126.

Meanwhile, Porches of Wesson will be busier than ever. Starting Jan. 19, the restaurant will resume its Friday night dinner service.

McSweyn said Porches’ annual Valentine’s Day dinner will also return to Wesson this year, and said the restaurant’s cooking classes should recommence in the near future.

For further information on Porches of Wesson, call the restaurant at 601-643-9035 or visit www.porchesofwesson.com.