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Good management style requires leadership skills

There are many management styles used in businesses today. Some of the various types of management styles used in the work place are listed below.

• Autocratic

• Consultative

• Persuasive

• Democratic

• Chaotic

• Laissez-faire

• MBWA (Management by Walking Around)

• Asian paternalistic

The key to effective leadership is being flexible and knowing what style to use in various situations and with different employees. Employees will rate a manager as good based on their behaviors in dealing with them. Managers who are ultimately the most effective and have the best outcomes from their people utilize flexibility in their styles. Leadership style is not necessarily right or wrong, good or bad. Instead it depends on the task at hand, the people involved and the situation to be managed.

Work relationships between managers and employees can be satisfying and productive if both parties accept their responsibilities to develop and maintain trust. An ideal manager will be involved in the following leadership activities relating to his or her employees.

• Set performance goals that are clear and measurable.

• Communicate regularly with employees on their                                 performance.  Don’t wait for a year-end review.

• Assist employees in understanding the goals of the company.

• Listen to employees and consider their thoughts, ideas and concerns.

• Provide candid feedback, both positive and negative, to assist employees in development.

• Provide regular coaching.

• Provide regular growth opportunities.

• Make training available.

• Allow cross training and involvement in cross-functional projects.

• Acknowledge contributions of employees.

• Be a good role model.

• Ensure actions are consistent with words.

• Be an encourager.

• Insist on accountability for delivering high quality results.

Being a manager of others is a difficult job and has its challenges. It should be taken seriously. Management and leadership are not synonymous. Many people have leadership qualities who are not managers. Unfortunately many managers do not possess leadership talent. Some think leaders are born with these traits, but if you find yourself in a management role, you can develop into a successful manager with work.

According to a Gallup poll, 82 percent of U.S. managers are wrong for the job. The odds you will work for an incompetent manager at some point in your career are high. More employees leave their jobs because of issues with their managers than for any other reason, including low pay and lack of opportunity for advancement. Sometimes tyrants and other toxic types are placed in a manager position. You may have to deal with it or find another position. The good news is that there are many excellent managers in companies today.

The key to being an effective manager/leader is to have a broad repertoire of styles and to use them appropriately. It will be rewarding and fulfilling.

Becky Vaughn-Furlow retired from Trustmark Bank as executive vice president and human resources director. She can be contacted by emailing bvaughnfurlow@gmail.com.