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Know your neighbor — Aubrey Chance

Aubrey Chance is a 23-year-old businessman, an active philanthropist and a person worth getting to know.

Happily single, Chance maintains a dynamic social life. His media company, ALCMedia+, keeps him busy, but he always makes time for his friends.

“With my company, I basically deal with graphic design, social media, websites, that kind of stuff,” he said.

Chance is very technologically savvy, and he said he couldn’t live without electronics.

“I love anything Apple,” he said.

His family comes from Ashville, North Carolina, but Chance spent his childhood in Lincoln County. He has lived downtown for the past two years, and he thinks of himself as a bonafide Brookhavenite.

One of his most beloved family traditions is spending quality time with his mother.

“We love to go to open houses together and spend a whole day looking at houses,” he said.

Faith is very important to Chance, and he is one of four youth directors at the First United Methodist Church on West Cherokee Street.

He is also involved in several civic organizations. Chance serves as an ambassador for the Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce, and he is a lively member of the Brookhaven Servitium Club.

Chance is passionate about community service, and he especially enjoys volunteering at Camp Bratton-Green in Canton.

“That camp is the love of my life,” he said.

Bratton-Green is an Episcopal Church camp, and Chance contributes to the organization’s special needs program.

“I volunteer two weeks out of the summer to help with the special needs camps,” he said.

Chance often helps fund raise for the Mississippi School of the Arts, and he believes his devotion to charity is his finest characteristic.

“I’m a social butterfly, and I like to use my contacts to help good causes,” he said.

He is also a bit of a foodie, and he likes spending time at local restaurants.

“Actually, my favorite hobby is going out to Betty’s Eat Shop,” he said, laughing.

Chance has a very special relationship with pasta, and he is particularly fond of the seafood linguine at Georgia Blue on South Railroad Avenue.

“May the starch be with you,” he said, grinning.

Even though he comes across as boisterous, Chance said he is actually very reserved.

“As extraverted as I seem, I feel personally very introverted,” he said. “I’m the most extraverted introvert you’ll ever meet.”

If he could have any super power, he said he would like to be able to read minds.

“It would be nice to see behind people’s masks,” Chance said. “There are a lot of people in power who are good at hiding who they really are, and, if somebody could see behind their hidden agenda, they could do something about it.”