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Don’t drive it like Dale Jr., do drive carefully

If you were one of the many drivers who slid off area roadways during this week’s winter storm, don’t feel too bad. Dale Earnhardt Jr. did the same thing.

Earnhardt drove off the road and hit a tree after helping pull a stuck sedan out of a ditch. He advised his fellow North Carolinians to stay off the road until the ice cleared.

Local officials had the same advice for motorists here. Some folks obviously did not follow that advice. Dozens of wrecks were reported on area roadways Tuesday night and Wednesday. Ice-covered roads were reported just about everywhere in the state at one point Wednesday.

And for every wreck, there was an emergency responder on the scene. Ambulance drivers, EMTs, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, troopers, wreckers — they were all on call throughout the night Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Despite the bitter cold and icy conditions, they were there to serve and protect. We thank them for a job well done.

Unfortunately, the bitter cold is not completely gone. Temperatures this morning will be between 10-15 degrees. Thankfully, it will climb above freezing later today but there may still be some icy spots that remain until it does. Drive carefully. This may be the one time when driving like Earnhardt is a bad idea.