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Rhema Word Church to hold women’s seminar

Female empowerment is one of the timeliest and most potent topics currently circulating through public discourse.

With the MeToo and Times- Up movements gaining momentum, more people than ever before are taking stock of the American social landscape.

In response to the growing national conversation on women’s rights, Rhema Word Worship Church will host a sequence of instructive meetings aimed at Lincoln County’s female population. The series is entitled “Empowering the Total Woman,” and it is designed to help women develop the skills necessary for living a full, productive life. 

“We women don’t have to be weak in our everyday lives,” Pamela Hilliard, first lady of Rhema Word, said. “It’s very important to be mentally, emotionally, financially and physically strong.”

The conference will be divided into three sessions and take place over a period of three months.

The first assembly — which is set for 5 p.m. Jan. 27 — is dedicated to experiencing spiritual and emotional growth. Apostle Nadine Wilson of Pascagoula will serve as the seminar’s keynote speaker.

“She is an anointed woman of wisdom,” Hilliard said.

Wilson is a prolific public speaker, and much of her ministry is dedicated to encouraging the wives of pastors.

“She is the woman for the job,” Hilliard said. “And she speaks with incredible clarity.”

Rhema Word will hold its conference series’ second installment in February, and that session will pertain to financial empowerment. The last assembly will take place in March and will cover beauty, health and fitness.

The sessions are free and open to women from all walks of life. Hilliard said a voluntary offering will be collected.

For more information on Rhema Word Worship Church’s “Empowering the Total Woman” sessions, call the church at 601-757-9710.