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God has called, and I must go

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

That logo or slogan is written on a lot of plaques, T-shirts, and bumper stickers in Colorado. It appears to be an authentic calling because the snow-covered mountains are saturated with snow-loving, outdoor enthusiasts.

If the slick slopes only call the adventurous skiers and snow boarders, the cozy condos overlooking the ski lifts call the book readers and couch potatoes. It seems mountains are blessed with a universal language.

Othel and I introduced those mountains to our children, and now Othel and I are the ones being invited to those same peaks by our kids and grandkids. Last week we joined the Dobbs in Breckenridge but not before stopping in Frisco to visit some new friends.

Carla and David Tubbs spoke at a recent mission emphasis at our church. We were drawn to them for their obvious commitment to their calling and because of former ties to Calhoun City. We talked with them after the service and promised to visit on our next Colorado trip.

They agreed to meet us for breakfast last week, and the conversation quickly turned to the miracles God had performed in their lives as He led them to the mountains to share the Gospel. Their enthusiasm for their “calling” hasn’t waned, but their faith is tested daily due to the obstacles they face in reaching a portion of a generation of young people who are content with part-time jobs and time off to ski.

We accepted their invitation to visit their apartment — one of a group in a cluster of condos. For needed extra income, David works as a handyman/caretaker for the complex while Carla earns extra as the bookkeeper.

They hold abbreviated Sunday services at 1 p.m. at the Keystone ski lift and share a worship service inside a regular meeting spot that evening. Even though they are faithful to meet each Sunday, other faithful worshipers are scarce.

The couple’s families, including their two grandchildren, live in distant southern places that Carla and David seldom get to visit. Carla shared how their first year at Frisco (over 15 years ago) was a year of crying for her.

“I was convinced God had this call on our lives, but I was so homesick for family and friends,” she said.

David nodded in agreement as he recalled the major adjustments.  Finally when they stopped resisting and began submitting, peace came and a love for the people and the mountains followed.

Unless a mighty revival sweeps through those mountains, David and Carla probably won’t ever deal with large numbers of converts, but numbers aren’t their criteria for success. Faithfulness fuels their drive.

Now when I recall the beauty of the snow-covered mountains and the sweet family memories we made, I’ll also think about Carla and David.  I’ll remember to pray for them and their version of the familiar mountain slogan. For them it’s: “God has called me to the mountains, and I must go.”

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