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We have the blueprint for life, but choose death

It was a refreshing gesture. Othel spoke over the confrontational discussion on one of the news/talk shows on TV, “Why don’t we just turn it off and read?”

I quickly agreed because my emotions were catching up with the individuals on the program — the right versus the left. The reasoning always seems so obvious for my stand on issues, but the “other” side seems to have the same passion for their side of issues.

We didn’t know how to appreciate TV in bygone years. Walter Cronkite, the staunch newscaster with the only national news we watched, reported the news, as I recall. He didn’t express an opinion or suggest any “what ifs” during his broadcasts. There was no leaning toward sides but a basic reporting news as it was happening.

Today, expression on local, state and national issues is a given. Everybody, it seems, has a “bone to pick,” and so many resort to anger and hostility in presenting their sides. It’s who can shout the loudest or display the most volatile posters for the news media to cover.

The discussions carry on 24/7. A politician or spokesperson will discuss a topic, give his or her opinion, and within seconds there will be a panel of discussers that will dissect every word, voice inflection and body gesture that the speaker made. The talk never stops; neither do the opinions.

I would like to shout over all the verbiage and suggest silence. No noise, no shouts, or screams, no discussion, no talk. Then I would ask all to open a Bible and let God talk. His Word holds the blueprints for our individual lives and our nation. His Word would target the cause of the unrest, violence, catastrophes, climate change and chaos that pervades our nation.

Read these stats of the current 2018 US death toll:  Abortion—137,080, Tobacco—43,934, Obesity—38,537, Medical Errors—31,565, Alcohol—12,553, Suicide—5,369, Drunk Driving—4,244, Poisoning—3,987, Drug Abuse—3,139, and Murder with Guns—1,443.

When will someone talk about the most dangerous place in America and the most cause of death? 

We have the blueprint for abundant life, but our nation disregards it. Instead we talk and talk and shout and kill and die.

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