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Converting harsh winds to anointed music

The March winds have kept our backyard melodic, thanks to my collection of wind chimes. I’ve always loved their music and have been given some true music-makers.

One sings only the notes in “Amazing Grace.” No, I can’t sing along with the wind chimes’ arrangement because the wind plays different notes with every gust. Still, I appreciate knowing this special set is comprised of “grace” notes.

Another gift-chimes had papers of authenticity — not your average chimes. Their creator has a well-established name as an artisan in creating unique and collectible wind chimes. It makes for “classical” backyard music. Those along with a few more have served as “wordless” instructors to me.

All of my wind chimes are silent in breezeless days, unable to show off their potential. On those days, I’m reminded that when our lives are free of strong winds — winds of challenge or disturbance — much of the music stops. It’s an obvious lesson. The testimony of God’s faithfulness in our fair-weather days doesn’t have the platform that the unsettled times afford.

Then there are the stormy winds that toss, clang, and rattle the chimes. It’s never my favorite sound from the music-makers, but their jumbled noises serve as a warning. It’s time to seek shelter.

Life’s stormy winds have the ability to rattle our lives and turn our music into chaos. These stormy days will eventually pass, but until then we need to seek shelter.

The Psalmist understood: “God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” Psalm 46:1

The breezeless days leave wind chimes motionless and silent, but wind chimes were made to reap the winds and make music. God’s children are made strong enough and resilient enough to reap life’s menacing winds and convert them to anointed music. It’s just another one of the Father’s miracles.

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