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Lincoln County supervisor Falvey apologizes for ‘hollering’

District 5 Supervisor Doug Falvey has never “hollered” at a board meeting.

Before Monday’s special-called meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors got underway, Falvey addressed the board from his seat and apologized for his rough treatment of Lincoln Civic Center Director Quinn Jordan last week, saying he was sorry for raising his voice — though not for the message delivered.

“If anybody ever heard me holler, you’d know that wasn’t hollering,” he said.

District 1 Supervisor and board president the Rev. Jerry Wilson seemed to agree.

“I call that ‘action,’” he said.

Falvey and other board members dropped the hammer on Jordan last Monday when he asked for close to $10,000 in assistance for a parking lot project at the civic center. The board was upset Jordan even asked and sent him packing with a lecture on budgeting.

Supervisors — who have borrowed money for unexpected road and bridge projects and undertaken numerous other expenditures, planned and unplanned — have become very sensitive to how they are perceived to prioritize spending.