Breakfast is served, this Saturday — Wesson Lions Club pancake meal is $5

Published 7:53 pm Monday, April 2, 2018

Pancakes, yellow as gold and speckled brown like a pretty, freckled face. Maybe just a little black at the edges where the batter runs thin and crisps on the griddle.

Sausage, wet and crackling with fatty fire, steaming the air with its spicy perfume.

Syrup, rich and thick and sticky, its sugary goodness spreading slowly over the pancakes, over the sausage, over it all.

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Hungry yet?

“Main thing is, we have a great breakfast. You ought to come and enjoy it and visit with people in your community,” said Issac Entrican, a member of the Wesson Lions Club and founder of its annual pancake breakfast. “It’s a time to take it easy and enjoy a good breakfast.”

The club’s breakfast takes place Saturday 6-10 a.m. at Wesson Baptist Church. Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased from any club member or, more simply, by just showing up at the church. Anyone with a hungry morning belly possessing a five-dollar bill is invited to attend.

Those who attend will be loaded down with flapjacks and sausage, with regular and chocolate milk, and will have the chance to sit and talk with folks from all around Wesson. The pancake breakfast is the club’s most popular and well-attended activity.

“Some of them raise more money than the pancake breakfast does, but we have more working there and more showing up than we do any of the others,” Entrican said.

Wesson Lions Club Treasurer Bob McCreary said the pancake breakfast is a general fundraiser for the club’s numerous Wesson-centered activities, such as its work providing free eye examinations to students, donations to the Boy and Girl Scouts, donations to the cemetery fund and others.

The allotment this year was 600 tickets, but the club can serve more breakfasts than that.

“The target goal is $3,000,” McCreary said. “I’m not sure we’re going to raise that much, but we hope to.”

The pancake breakfast has been going on in the kitchen of Wesson Baptist Church longer than Pastor Nelson Santa Ana has been preaching there. He said the fundraiser is welcome to keep on coming — he’ll be there Saturday, diving into a plate of pancakes.

“We want to love and support the community, and this is a staple the community enjoys,” he said. “We love being a part of it.”

The Wesson Lions Club hosts other fundraisers, like working concession stands at Copiah-Lincoln Community College sporting events or blocking the town’s single intersection with donation buckets, and it also accepts donations.

Anyone wishing to donate to the club or buy advanced tickets to the breakfast may call Entrican at 601-833-2955.