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St. James M.B. women reach out with food

The women’s ministries at St. James M.B. Church want to share their love with the community the way they know best — through food.

On Saturday, the church ladies will be dishing up plates of spaghetti and meat sauce along with green beans and rolls to give away free to anyone who wants to eat, said Clara Sanders, a member of the Senior Women’s Ministry, which is joining with the Women in Action and Junior Women’s Ministry organizations to organize the event.

Pastor Larry D. Jointer said it’s an outreach ministry to the community.

“One thing about the church, it does not prejudge or to decipher whether you have it or not, whether you really need it or not,” he said. “That’s why we make it available to anyone who would come. It’s about love, it’s about giving because we serve a God who gives. We’re giving because it’s part of our responsibility as Christians, to give and support and to help in any way. Our church is doing it as a gratitude and an attitude of love.”

The meals will be available for pick-up from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the fellowship hall of the church, which is located at 949 East Monticello St.

Sanders also encourages people to “come in and fellowship and eat.”

The church’s clothes closet will also be open and available to anyone who wants to look for items to wear.

Sanders said she’s noticed many churches and organizations offer free meals and clothing at Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and she wondered how that love could be spread out over the year.

“Our mission came up with the idea, ‘Why not do something in the spring so they can still feel that love to carry them on to the next season?’” she said.

The decided to host a free spaghetti lunch for the community.

“We just want to reach out to the community and let them know that they’re still loved and that everybody can feel welcome to come and participate, she said.

Sanders said they are accepting donations for the lunch as well as gently-used clothing for the clothes closet. They’re also accepting names and addresses of shut-ins in Brookhaven who would like a meal delivered Saturday.

For more information, call 601-320-0019.