Adapting is necessary for businesses to survive

Published 10:08 pm Friday, April 20, 2018

All organizations, regardless of kind or size, must be willing to make changes and adapt if they are to survive in this fast paced world in which we live today. The culture and practices are vital to an organization’s long term success. It involves the heart and soul of the business, school, church or other organization. 

There are many areas that should be addressed in order for the organization to succeed and continue to progress and function well into the future. A change agent is needed. A change agent can be a person inside the organization or an external consultant who facilitates transformation by focusing on organizational effectiveness, development and improvement.

The best situation is having people committed internally on a daily basis. 

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Individuals within the organization need to analyze their ability to adapt by reviewing attitudes toward their work. It should involve owners, managers, employees, products and services. Nothing is excluded.

When reviewing your business, take into account those businesses that have been successful over the years. There are many similar traits. Some are listed below.

• Positive habits

• Excellent leadership

• Flexibility and agility

• Planning ahead

• Listening to customers and employees

• Entrepreneurial spirit

• Understanding of market

• Staying up to date with technology

• Skills and knowledge enhancement

• Action oriented

• Strong culture

• Communications that are effective and consistent

• Passion for the business

• Willingness to make sacrifices

• Focus and commitment to customer satisfaction

• Having no expectations of immediate gratification

• Outstanding organizational skills

• Creativity and innovation

• Continual measurements and analyzation of all aspects of              the business

• Recognition and understanding of risks and rewards

• Good training programs

• Continual analysis of competition

• Attention to detail

• Empowering employees

• 3 Ps — Persistence, perseverance and patience

Trust is crucial. Having a solid relationship and appreciation for employees will result in a higher level of customer service, thereby impacting customer satisfaction and retention. 

Individuals within the organization who understand the need and embrace change are more valuable to the organization. That person will be able to deal with many different opportunities and circumstances that come. One may not always like the changes that are occurring but if you resist, you will not prosper. Looking upon changed circumstances and challenges in a positive manner, embracing change, will make you a more valuable employee. Take them on with enthusiasm and a desire to learn all you can. You will find that change is not something to fear but instead something to welcome and turn to your own advantage.

Becky Vaughn-Furlow retired from Trustmark Bank as executive vice president and human resources director. She can be contacted by emailing