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Doty may be 3rd District’s best choice

If voters were unsure of what kind of congresswoman Sally Doty might be, they got a taste of her deliberate, thoughtful style at the 3rd Congressional District debate Thursday. 

Doty joined the five other Republicans vying for Gregg Harper’s soon-to-be-vacant seat. Her counterparts mostly talked a big game while providing few details. They used the same tried-and-true lofty talking points candidates regularly toss around.

Doty’s talking points were not void of such proclamations, but she also showed some substance in her responses and used her experience as a legislator and attorney to her advantage.

She was the only candidate to provide specific insight into the night’s first question about decreasing Mississippi’s dependence on federal spending, saying the Trump tax cuts would grow the economy and lead to financial independence.

Doty was also able to nail down some details about so-called right-to-try laws and how they could drive up insurance costs and burden taxpayers. Doty also said she would not vote for President Trump’s tariffs if she was currently in Congress.

“This is a job as a legislator. It’s not a job as an economic developer,” she said. “The communities know what they need — they need a legislator who can get it done here for them. Mississippi has a strong history of sending a representative with a strong legislative background. There’s a learning curve, and I’ve had that learning curve.”

Doty was not perfect, but she showed what her strengths are. She’s an experienced legislator with a level-headed, realistic approach to difficult problems.

She likely won’t raise more money than the other candidates. And she may not have the name recognition some of them enjoy. But there’s a compelling argument to be made that she would best serve the 3rd Congressional District.