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Be wary, protect yourself from scams

A national scam has reached Mississippi, and Entergy is warning customers to be aware. The company services much of Southwest Mississippi.

According to a news release issued by the power provider, scammers are telling customers their bill is past due and they will be disconnected unless a payment is made. The scam directs the person to send money electronically. The scammers also use technology to spoof the customer into thinking the call is from Entergy. The number that displays on your phone when the scammers call may look local.

Unfortunately, criminals continue to use scams like these because they work. Entergy provided several tips (see below) to help protect customers, but the best advice may be to simply hang up when in doubt and call Entergy, or any other business, on a number you know is correct. They can verify if the call was legitimate. Scammers are getting more savvy, so consumers will have to as well.

If you think you have been a victim of a scam, you should contact the state Attorney General’s Office.

How to protect yourself:

• Never give personal information to a stranger.

• If the call sounds suspicious, contact 800-ENTERGY and ask to speak to a rep.

• Entergy will only ask you to make your payment through BillMatrix, and the call has to be initiated by the customer.

• Only use authorized methods and legitimate banking information.

• Pay online

• Set up an automatic bank draft