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P23: Milholen is middle of the line

Primetime 23 is a list of the top players to watch ahead of the 2018 football season.

Josh Milholen is excited about the upcoming season for Enterprise because of the talent  the Yellow Jackets have returning.

The senior offensive and defensive lineman said he feels like the team this year could be one of the better ones Enterprise has had in a while.

“I’m really looking forward to the way that we’re going to work as a team this year,” Milholen said. “We’ll be able to strategize more this season because of some of the talent that we have back. We’ll probably be able to throw some more passes this season, and I’m excited about being able to play in that.”

Milholen played center for the Yellow Jackets last year, and he figures to slot in there again during his senior season at Enterprise.

Being a senior, Milholen said he’ll have to show the younger players the proper way to do things throughout the course of the season.

“As a senior, I’ll definitely be responsible for showing guys the right way to do things,” Milholen said. “We have to be able to be leaders as the older guys.”

The offensive line returns a plethora of startwes this season, and Milholen said that chemistry will help them throughout the course of the 2018 season.

“We’ve played together for a long time,” Milholen said. “We’ve started to play together as a team on the offensive line, and that will really help us this season. We’ve played together since we were in junior high, and on the offensive line you have to be able to have good chemistry and play well together, and I feel like we do.”