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What state do you live in?

The classic comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” featured a forever-6-year-old child and his stuffed tiger. One strip showed Calvin daydreaming during class, until the teacher, Mrs. Wormwood, slapped a ruler on his desk and startled him.

“Calvin, what state do you live in?” she asked.

“Denial,” was his quick response.

The surprised teacher answered, “Well, I guess I can’t argue with that.”

According to infogram.com, Mississippi is the fifth “unhappiest state in America,” with Louisiana sitting soundly at the top of the unhappy listing. The list is based on health, lifestyle and economic stability. The average score determines the state’s place on the list.

Mississippi scored 36th best in health, but 48th in lifestyle and economic stability. Louisiana was 37th in health, 50th in the other categories.

So we’re supposed to be a bunch of unhealthy, unhappy people. Granted, we may be comparatively, as a group.

But I have never in my life liked being pegged into a group that I didn’t choose. I battle depression, sure, but it’s not because I live in Mississippi. I love this beautiful state. I thank God I was born and reared here.

I’m happy I live here. So I won’t take someone else’s word that I am not or shouldn’t be. I’ll live in the state I choose. And that state is “happy to be here.”

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