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Being in meetings is worth your while

Several big decisions will soon be made inside the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors meeting room. Supervisors will consider a plethora of funding requests while working on a budget for the new fiscal year.

Among the departments and groups seeking additional taxpayer funds are the county jail, the Circuit Clerk’s office and the office of Emergency Management. Supervisors will also consider whether to continue to contribute to the cost of a spec building at Linbrook Business Park. The current spec building has a tenant. 

If the board granted all funding requests, a tax increase would be necessary to meet the additional $765,000 in spending. But supervisors will likely do everything they can to avoid raising taxes.

“You’re gonna be looking at a lot of disappointed people,” District 4 Supervisor Eddie Brown said about those requesting additional county funds.

Supervisors will continue to discuss budget needs at a meeting Thursday at 9 a.m. If you want to know how county leaders are planning to spend your tax dollars, you should attend the meeting. We realize most residents who work can’t make a 9 a.m. meeting, but if you can it will be an educational experience worth your time.

The newspaper will cover the budget meetings, and write plenty of stories so you know what’s happening inside the meeting room. But nothing replaces being there yourself. If you want to see your government in action, this is your chance.

The same goes for Brookhaven. The city will soon begin budget work sessions and aldermen will decide how your tax dollars are spent (if you live in the city). It’s your best chance to learn more, ask questions and hold your elected officials accountable.