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Monticello man arrested for trespassing

The Lincoln County Jail Docket for Monday was as follows:

• Mack Tracey Pickett, 07/10/1959, 105 Meadowbrook Drive — arrested for felony receiving stolen property by Brookhaven Police Department.

• David McNeese, 11/03/1975, 18 Mercy Lane, Monticello — arrested for trespassing by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

• Robert Pickett, 01/29/1987, 1088 Dogwood Lane, Wesson — arrested for auto burglary, felony receiving stolen property by BPD.

• Donny Wilson, 09/26/1961, 410 N Hwy. 51 — sentencing, picked up by LCSO.

• Billy Durr, 04/30/1973, 663 Smith Ferry Road, Sontag — arrested on city warrant by BPD.

• Bruce Williams Durr, 05/24/1971, 1208 NW Ballard Lane — arrested for possession of beer or light wine in a dry county by LCSO.

Note: An arrest does not constitute guilt for the accused. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.