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Hyde-Smith’s NRA endorsement is laughable

I thought it was quite comical to find Cindy Hyde-Smith bragging about being endorsed by the NRA recently, as if it’s not common knowledge that the NRA only endorses incumbents. That’s not a secret, that’s a fact, and one that they’ll tell you out of their own mouths.

Let me tell you about Cindy Hyde-Smith’s sketchy history with the Second Amendment.

As agriculture commissioner, she fought to ban guns from all state property.

In 2013, Hyde-Smith wrote a letter to the attorney general seeking legal guidance on how her department could institute a ban on legal gun owners from carrying their weapons on Mississippi Fairgrounds and properties owned by her department.

The letter read, “Can the MFC and the Department prohibit the carrying of weapons, concealed or not concealed, on the Mississippi State Fairgrounds Complex and at properties of the Department, including but not limited to the Mississippi Farmers’ Market and the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum, by posting signage prohibiting the carrying of a weapon?”

Knowing the legal limits that signage would have on restricting gun-owners from legally carrying their weapons onto the fairgrounds, Hyde-Smith’s letter went on to ask the AG to make an additional opinion in order to fully enforce her weapons ban.

Hyde-Smith asked the AG if her staff had legal authority to conduct “random searches of individuals entering the gates at the State Fairgrounds Complex.”

Cindy Hyde-Smith is no friend to gun-owners.

Rick Ward

NRA instructor