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United Way is looking for a lot to give a little

The United Way of Lincoln County has an ambitious fundraising goal for the year. The $100,000 target is a whopping $30,000 more than last year’s fundraising total. But the group is committed to reaching the goal and helping organizations in Lincoln County that help the less-fortunate.

“Our mindset is not for a few people to give a lot, but for a lot of people to give a little,” president Katie Nations said. “If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community, through service or through giving, the United Way of Lincoln County could be the perfect fit for you.”

The group gathers donations through payroll deductions, which makes it easy for anyone to give any amount on a regular basis. The United Way accepts one-time donations and in-lieu-of contributions, and can help point volunteers to the right local charities in need of manpower.

Board chairman Rob McCreary said 95 percent of the organization’s money stays in Lincoln County, with a only a nickel out of every dollar raised sent to the national organization to cover membership dues. The group does not work directly with the public, but instead supports a dozen local organizations that meet different areas of need in the community, with a focus on education and health and wellness.

Those organizations are the Boy Scouts, Brookhaven Little Theatre, Brookhaven Recreation Department, the Doll’s House, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Club of Lincoln County, Brookhaven Outreach Ministries, Lincoln County Emergency Relief, Brookhaven Beautiful, Habitat for Humanity, peewee football and the Salvation Army.

The organization is a worthy one, and we encourage everyone to consider donating. Lincoln County is a better place because of United Way’s efforts.