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‘Almost a year in jail’ is bad news

It is my hope that the editorial published Aug. 28 entitled “Good news plentiful this past week” did not take focus from what I regard as the really bad news that was published Aug. 25.

While I appreciate the extremely well-written and well-researched headline article, “Almost a year in jail, without an indictment,” I am heartbroken to know that a now 19-year-old boy has been incarcerated all this time without due process of the law; without the right to a fair and speedy trial as is guaranteed by the Constitution; and without evidence sufficient to present his case before a grand jury.

I do not know if this young man, Daylan Browder, is guilty or innocent. As a matter of fact, I do not personally know this young man at all.

But, as a mother, this injustice has brought tears to my eyes. As a Christian, this injustice has made me pray that God will touch the heart of someone who can grant relief in this situation. As a citizen of Brookhaven, this injustice has caused me to wonder if my hometown is truly the “Homeseekers Paradise” and if America is still a place where “liberty and justice” can prevail in the manner that the founding fathers intended.

Give this young man freedom or give him imprisonment, but give him something. His fate should not continue to hang in the balances.

Patricia Williams Tillman, Brookhaven