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God works through our weakness

Time after time God has shown me that it’s his strength that carries us through all that life delivers to us. Some days I respond more quickly to that truth. At other times, I press on in my own strength until once again, I realize his power and strength are always greater than my miniscule “muscle.”

Our interim preacher, Dr. Allen, shared a faith-building experience this past Sunday that so amplified the truth of the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

He was about to leave his hotel in route to the church when the improbable and alarming befell him. His rental vehicle had been locked with his keys and briefcase staring at him from the inside of the vehicle.

A quick call on his cell phone to five different persons in the church got no response. They were in church with their cell phones turned off. Hotel employees offered help but not in time for him to retrieve his Bible and sermon notes and get to the pulpit on time.

He asked a hotel employee if he had a Bible he could borrow. A Gideon Bible was the answer to that request. Within minutes he dashed down notes from James 1 and was convinced that the message he had struggled with all week in preparation was sure to be the worst sermon he had ever preached.

As he stepped into the pulpit, the congregation was not aware of his earlier harried experience. His manner was calm; his words flowed, and God’s Spirit moved. During the invitation a stream of worshipers came forward to pray and/or ask for prayer.

It was at the conclusion of the service when our interim shared his earlier experience. What a confirmation that was of God’s power working through our weakness. It reminded me of a verse in 2 Chronicles 20: “You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm (without your own preparation or tools), and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf.”

I’m certain Dr. Allen, along with our congregation, earned a deeper insight into the Holy Spirit’s power along with a profound appreciation for the Gideons.

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