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He’s Mr. Bogue Chitto, Mr. Defense — Defensive Player of the Week

Damarcus Godbolt cracks a smile when he’s asked if he’s really 5-foot-8 as he’s listed on the Bogue Chitto football roster.

“Maybe if you include my hair in the measurement,” says Godbolt. “I’m closer to 5-foot-6.”

What is not an exaggeration is how hard Godbolt plays the game. On Friday he was all over the field for the Bobcats as he racked up 13 tackles, including four for a loss, in a 44-26 win over Mount Olive. For that performance, Godbolt has been named The Daily Leader Defensive Player of the Week.

Godbolt plays the linebacker position and his size can actually be an advantage there. You can’t block what you can’t find.

When the ball is snapped — and the offensive and defensive lines are locked into contact — Godbolt hides behind his linemen as he darts toward the ball carrier with speed and quickness.

When he does make contact with the ball carrier, Godbolt is always going to be the low man in the battle. That’s a position that he’s comfortable being in.

“I’m always going to try to use leverage to bring someone down,” Godbolt said. “If I’m tackling someone who’s way bigger than me, I’m going to attack their hips, take their legs out and wrap up.”

It’s worked all season for Godbolt, as he’s the team leader with 41 tackles thus far in the year. Godbolt is also the team’s leading rusher after running for 241 yards and one touchdown on 32 carries.

What does it feel like to play virtually every snap in a high school football game?

“I’m exhausted after the game,” Godbolt said with a grin. “I’ll never be in better shape than I’m in now.”

His motivation to keep going — even when he’s drained — is his teammates.

“I’m competing with guys like Colten Bales, Darius Porter and Warrick Cook for tackles,” said Godbolt. “We’re always trying to outwork each other and see who can get the tackle first.”

Voted Mr. Bogue Chitto by his peers, Godbolt is a bespectacled, gregarious ambassador for his school and community.

“We’ve grown up playing together and it’s hard to believe I’m a senior,” said Godbolt. “We’ve got a lot of football left to play and we’re still working and competing every day to get better.”

Story by Cliff Furr