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We’re all looking for better results

The garbage problems in Brookhaven and Lincoln County should soon end — we hope. A new company takes over for Waste Pro on Monday, and every resident in the city and county is hoping the transition goes well.

They are tired of missed garbage piled high at the street. They are tired of picking up after dogs who have torn into missed garbage bags. They are tired of excuses from Waste Pro. They just want their garbage picked up on time.

This is not an unreasonable request. They are paying for the pick-up service after all.

Here at the newspaper, we are tried of writing about garbage. We’re certain you are tired of reading about it.

We know city and county leaders are tired of dealing with it, too. It was not uncommon to see county road crews out picking up missed trash over the last few months. The same happened in the city. And despite promises from Waste Pro to do better, they failed.

We hope ADSI will do better.

Operations Manager Chris Martin cautioned problems would continue for a while as ADSI not only takes on new, unfamiliar territory, but picks up after Waste Pro, too.

“I can’t promise you unicorns and rainbows. We’re gonna have issues, but we’re gonna communicate those issues to you,” he told county supervisors. “We expect garbage to be heavy for the first few days. Once we get it all cleaned up, it’ll roll.”

We don’t want unicorns and rainbows, we just want our trash picked up  — on time, every time. If it can’t happen, we are confident city and county leaders will find a company that can make it happen. If they are as tired of dealing with trash problems as residents are, ADSI’s leash will be short.

“This is business, not friendship. If y’all can’t do it, we’re gonna replace y’all, too,” said District 1 Supervisor and board president Jerry Wilson.

Let’s hope it never comes to that.