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Hyde-Smith right choice for Mississippi

This Tuesday is one of the most important and unique elections in Mississippi in my lifetime.

The majority of the United States Senate could very well be decided by the outcome of one of the Senate races in our state.

When I appointed Cindy Hyde-Smith to the U.S. Senate earlier this year, I knew based on her business background, real-life experience and conservative record in public service that she would do a great job representing us in the Senate.

That’s exactly what Cindy is doing—working hard for our state and standing strong for our Republican principles as evidenced by her voting record in the Senate.

In fact, Cindy Hyde-Smith is the only member of the Senate with a record of supporting President Trump’s legislative agenda 100 percent of the time.

When President Trump endorsed Cindy and came to Mississippi to support her campaign recently, he made that clear when he told Mississippians, “she’s always had my back, she’s always had your back.”

The President has seen Cindy’s work the same way I’ve seen it for many years here as she served as a conservative State Senator while I was Lt. Governor, and while she was our two-term Republican Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. Mississippians trusted her to run that department which oversees the policies guiding the largest sector of the state’s economy, and I grew to know her as a strong Republican ally and a leader who wasn’t afraid to take a tough stand on big issues.   

As we all know, during political campaigns, you hear a lot of rhetoric and promises from different candidates. Cindy is different because she’s authentic and focuses more on getting the job done than trying to get the credit.

She has personally visited the Rio Grande Valley in Texas on America’s southwestern border to meet with farmers there who are seeing the negative impacts of a lawless border area and an illegal immigration problem that has gotten out of control. Cindy wore a bulletproof vest there with our law enforcement agents who talked about the dangers of the border and how American farmers there had to change or halt their operations due to the threats of violence and other problems that result from a border that is not secured.

Seeing the border problems firsthand gives Cindy a unique perspective and drive to get something done to tackle this challenge. That’s why she’s such a strong supporter of securing the border and building the wall as soon as possible.

In the Senate, Cindy has also worked closely with President Trump on conservative principles like reducing burdensome regulations so small businesses can grow, hire more workers and boost the economy. She has also supported the President’s conservative judicial nominees including standing strong in voting for Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

Because of Cindy’s longtime conservative record and her work now as our U.S. Senator, she has earned the endorsement of National Right to Life—the largest pro-life group in America. As a mother, wife and a woman of very strong faith, she has always worked for pro-life policies. 

Cindy is also a Constitutional conservative and that’s why she received the endorsement from the National Rifle Association (NRA). She is a lifetime NRA member and has a concealed carry permit, so Cindy understands the need to be vigilant in supporting our 2nd Amendment gun rights.

Because of the highly competitive and unique nature of the November 6 election, this race is expected to be decided by a runoff election on November 27. Clearly Cindy Hyde-Smith is the only one who can beat liberal Democrat Mike Espy in that runoff election.

With so much at stake for our state and country right now, we need a true conservative to represent out values in the Senate. That’s why I appointed Cindy Hyde-Smith to the U.S. Senate in March, and why I’m asking for your strongest consideration to vote for her this Tuesday, November 6.

Phil Bryant is governor of Mississippi.