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Commit to helping vulnerable children

This Sunday, churches across Mississippi and the nation will pray specifically for orphans and foster children. The event is called Orphan Sunday.

A Mississippi adoption group is hoping churches in all 82 of the state’s counties will pray for children who do not have a permanent home. They will also pray for those who are working to help these children.

Every day 39,000 orphans age out of the system without a mother, a father, a family or place to call home. These orphans and foster children who age out are far more vulnerable to sex and human trafficking, prostitution and homelessness, according to Zacchaeus’ Tree Orphan and Adoption Ministry.

“The size and depth of the orphan crisis around the world and the foster care need here in Mississippi is of a gigantic size, but I also know my God once used a small boy to take down a giant named Goliath and I believe that God can do it again by using any family here in Mississippi who will make themselves available to make a difference in the life of these children, especially for each Mississippi foster child,”  said Chris Gray, regional coordinator for the effort.

Besides praying on Sunday, below are more ways to get involved. We encourage everyone to remember these vulnerable children on Sunday and commit to finding ways to help them. The list is courtesy of Zacchaeus’ Tree Orphan and Adoption Ministry.

• Collect items needed for foster care, orphanages, local children’s homes or pregnancy centers.

• Distribute prayer cards of children waiting for adoptive/foster/host families or needing sponsorship.

  Write letters or cards of encouragement to orphaned and vulnerable children.

• Invite a former foster or orphaned youth to speak to your group.

• Invite an adoptive, foster, host or respite family to speak to your group.

• Host a “date night” for local adoptive, foster and host families.

• Take a meal to a local adoptive, foster or host family.

•  Volunteer in your local children’s home.

• Sign up to be a host family or a foster parent or provide respite care.

• Adopt.