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Remember those in poverty this season

It’s cold outside. You did not need us — or the weather station — to tell you that.

But you may be surprised to know that it snowed in Lincoln County Wednesday. It was only flurries, but in the South flurries count.

While it is odd to see snow this early, it is not unheard of. Trace amounts of snow were recorded Nov. 13, 1976.

While there was not enough precipitation to cause problems, it is cold enough to cause a few headaches — and more — for locals. For most of us, preparing for this week’s cold weather involved bringing in a few plants and maybe wrapping pipes. Pet owners likely took the time to give their animals extra bedding or brought them in out of the cold.

But for some in Lincoln County, the brutal cold is a bigger ordeal. For those without adequate shelter or heat, this week has been miserable.

And yes, there are Lincoln Countians without heat, without a warm bed to crawl into at night. Some don’t even have a home.  We don’t always notice them, but there are homeless people here.

When you step in from the cold and warm your feet under a blanket, remember those who are less fortunate. Try to imagine their plight during these cold days and nights.

And if you are moved to do so, find a way to help them. With the holiday season approaching, there will be countless opportunities to donate your money and time. We encourage you to find reputable, local organizations to help out. The Holiday Food Pantry Drive, sponsored by Bank of Brookhaven and The Daily Leader, will kick off soon and is a good option. But there are others, too.

When you count your blessings this time of year, don’t forget those who have less.