Sales tax receipts up for city, state

Published 7:44 pm Monday, March 11, 2019

Sales tax diversions paid to Brookhaven by the state topped $520,000 from January, an increase of more than $23,000 over December.

The city closed out the calendar year with $497,177.40 in sales tax revenue for December, down less than $400 from November’s total and up more than $42,000 from October’s $455,024.15. Total revenue for the quarter was $1,449,763.90 — $41,609.80 more than the previous year.

In January, Brookhaven’s receipts totaled $520,211.12, just under $325 shy of last year’s tax harvest for the first month of the calendar year, the seventh month of the fiscal year. Fiscal year-to-date revenue stood at $3,377,658.82, approximately $13,500 more than the previous fiscal year’s total seven months into the count.

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Lincoln County collected $3,496,300 — a computer-rounded figure — in sales tax during the month of January. The state collected $264 million, just over $6 million more than the previous month. Brookhaven’s sales tax collected amounted to 4.12 percent of that total.

Sales tax data is provided by the Mississippi Department of Revenue. Sales tax has a three month cycle. In Month 1, tax is collected by the retailer. In Month 2, tax is reported and paid to the Department of Revenue by the retailer. In Month 3, diversion is paid by the Department of Revenue to the cities. This report is based on the month the tax is collected at the Department of Revenue (Month 2).