Observations on school bond issue

Published 10:01 pm Tuesday, May 7, 2019

First let me say that I a product of the public education system for grades K-12, however I attended public school when the school districts and teachers answered to the parents, not the parents answering to the school district and teachers.

That being said I have a few observations related to the bond issue.

Since when is it acceptable for the schools to have political signs on school property?

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I saw signs advocating people to “Remember to Vote in the School Bond Issue,” and when pressed why it is that they can promote a political agenda on school property, I was told that “oh it is not political, it is just informational.”

Really? So, schools can also place signs on the property reminding everyone to vote in a primary or general election, as that is informational as well. I have never seen them do that, and most likely never will. It only applies when the school system wants to push a ballot measure.

Secondly, at these same schools, school employees were actively passing out flyers promoting the same propaganda during school hours.

I find it very interesting that the beleaguered school system, that claims to not have enough money to operate, can waste my tax dollars on promoting their agenda.

Just how much of the taxpayers’ money was spent by the Brookhaven School District to print the flyers and signs, as well as paying an employee to stand and pass out these flyers? Somehow, I doubt that these items were paid for out of the pocket of school employees. At best they were paid for by the PTA, but still, it is a waste of money for our public schools to promote any political agenda when they are constantly complaining about how “cash strapped” they are.

As a property owner, I pay property taxes already to support the schools, yet I also have to provide basic supplies each year for my child, which the schools used to provide; as well as be constantly inundated every school year with numerous “fundraisers” that are also supposed to go to the school programs, but somehow never seem to.

There appears to be so much wasteful spending while not providing the basic necessities to students.

Finally, I just received a “robo call” from the school district about supporting the bond issue. Really? How much did that cost me as a taxpayer that should be spent on my child’s, and everyone’s child’s, education?

I am quite tired of the schools playing “poor mouth,” and assuming that because they use the tired line “it’s for the children” that all of us that actually do pay property taxes will just roll over and let the education system pick our pockets. All of us have to learn to live within our budget, why do the schools not learn to use their money wisely? Audit the school district.

Kevin Miller