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Quit worrying about billboard

In response to the article about the billboard signage (in particular the ones on Hwy. 51 and Industrial) — it is argued that these signs block the view of traffic. If these signs block anyone’s view, they should not be driving. Even 18 wheelers are not high enough for the signs to block their view. And statements made that the message is not the issue — well — bull.

Don’t we have enough issues in this city that need the attention of our officials, elected and otherwise? There is enough trash on the side of Field Lark Lane NE to fill up a trash truck. (And, yes, as a responsible citizen I clean the sides on the road in front of my own property and beyond.)

Potholes in our streets are still a problem even after our rains have (thankfully) let up. If you will excuse my biblical reference “pull the beam from your own eye before you have a problem with the speck in your neighbor’s eye.”

Prioritize your opportunities to improve Brookhaven, people. Thank you.

Sarah Munn