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What’s a trucker to do in Wesson? City addresses issues

The Wesson Board of Aldermen is in a quandary when it comes to truck drivers who live on Sylvarena Road.

Sylvarena Road is deemed a “no truck” road. But it’s a dilemma for truckers who live on Sylvarena if they can’t drive on it in their 18-wheelers.

The board pondered the predicament at a recent monthly meeting.

Truck drivers have asked board members how do they get home if the “no truck” law is strictly enforced. They’ve asked for some leeway.

“There’s a few clarifications that are needed,” Mayor Alton Shaw said. “And with the way the law is, it’s a question as far as what can be allowed and not allowed.”

Shaw and the board plan to meet with law enforcement officers to create a solution.

In the garden

Debbie Smith, president of the Wesson Garden Club, discussed a few problem areas within a part of the city’s garden that needs to be sealed. She said dirt must be replaced whenever it rains.

She also wants to get the fountain garden finished and asked for permission to have the planters downtown whitewashed so they’ll be more noticeable.

Her largest request is for a mural on the outside wall of the former Los Lobos Restaurant, which would be funded by the Garden Club with a matching grant from the town.

However, the club needs permission from the owner of the building who currently has the place up for sale.

ATV and golf cart rules

Shaw, along with Police Chief Chad O’Quinn, also discussed newfound legalities for the use of ATVs and golf carts within city limits. Shaw said a list of rules and regulations on this subject is being created and will likely include requirements for headlights and tail lights. The driver of the vehicle is expected to be a licensed driver.

“This proposal is not something to prevent ATVs and golf carts from being on streets. It is just to set standards,” Shaw said.

The next meeting is set for Aug. 6 at 6 p.m. at Wesson Town Hall.

Story by Lacie Tarver