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2 men arrested for aggravated assault with extreme indifference to life

The Lincoln County Jail Docket for Friday-Sunday was as follows:

• Angela Darlene Watts, 03/27/1969, 2617 Old Red Star Road — arrested for city warrant, two counts of indictment, by Brookhaven Police Department.

• Zachary Heath Smith, 09/30/1992, 918 Northeast Blossom Trail — arrested for unlawfully breaking inner door/burglary, misdemeanor possession of marijuana/controlled substance, by BPD.

• Freddie Smith, 10/11/1962, 727 Middleton Loop — arrested for aggravated assault/extreme indifference to life, by BPD.

• Tralaski Fleming, 08/11/1978, 1001 South Railroad Ave. — arrested for aggravated assault/extreme indifference to life, by BPD.

• Kendrick Edward Lenoir, 08/12/1985, 1642 Northeast Coopertown Road — arrested for disorderly conduct/disobeying lawful order, public drunkenness, by BPD.

• Steven Dennis, 07/07/1999, 1100 West David Britt St., Wesson — arrested for DUI, by Mississippi Highway Patrol.

• Bruce Markam, 04/08/1957, 710 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Georgia — arrested for petit larceny, trespassing, by BPD.

• Troy E. Travis, 03/03/1977, 1051 Howell Drive, McComb — arrested for possession of paraphernalia, expired driver license, no proof of auto insurance, by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

• Dontrelle Johnson, 01/29/1980, 18 James Price Lane, Monticello — arrested for misdemeanor possession of controlled substance/marijuana, possession of controlled substance with intent to sell, none or expired tag, no driver license, resisting or obstructing arrest, disorderly conduct/disobeying lawful order, city warrant, by LCSO.

• Kessler Rockingham, 08/29/1964, 307 Baldwin Loop — arrested for justice court warrant, felony possession of controlled substance, by LCSO.

• Bryant Gilmore, 11/23/1981, 1069 James Lane, Wesson — arrested for driving with license suspended, DUI, warrant from outside jurisdiction, by MHP.

• Willie Edwards Price, 10/22/1956, 421 East Independence St. — arrested for DUI, failure to stop when officer signals, by BPD.

Note: An arrest does not constitute guilt for the accused. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.